What a ride!

Chuck’s 68 Charger is sold and being packed up and shipped to Michigan, and I am sad to see it go. The car came with a story of Chuck and Katy celebrating 50+ years of marriage buying a very similar car as what they20161202_124508_30570835853_o were cruising around in back when they were first dating. Chuck bought the original charger in 68 during his senior year at West Point. He and Katy drove it for several years until they had a son, and concerns about driving a 4-speed with their kid in the car overtook their common sense (car seat? LOL!). Well, that and the lack of air conditioning while img_20161201_073926_31354867585_othey cruised around Alabama.

Flash forward several decades, and Chuck found a highly suitable replacement. The first time I 20161112_182550_30858024491_osaw it, I was shocked at how clean this car was, how pretty the paint was, and how this Charger looked fast, even though it was standing still! Not for nothing, it must have been super clean to begin with, but the restoration was impeccable and stored inside of Tupperware or something. In the documentation set I saw this was restored way back in 1990, yet it looked like it just rolled out of the shop.

20161202_090839_30553791444_oIn between a few tweaks by Dave, Chuck was able to cruise around in one of the sweetest 68 Charger RT tributes around. Last year we met up with Chuck in his ride off of Via De Ventura, and with a big ear to ear grin on his face he raced away after a Dodge fan complimented his awesome car. I’m a sucker for an ear to ear grin on a happy driver! Thanks for sharing your stories and your sweet 68 Charger Chuck!


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