We can do it all at Superstition Specialty Cars; general classic repair, build, restore, engine repair, suspension, panel body work, brakes, wiring and ignition systems. We can resto-mod your special ride with upgrades such as push button, or remote start, cruise control, ice cold air conditioning installs, navigation systems, auxiliary lighting. We can also make your engine bay look better than ever!

Your safety is our interest. Steering and brake upgrades, suspension improvements, seat belt harnesses, hands free calling, and back-up cameras all make your ride safer on today’s freeways. Make your cool ride even more fun to drive. 

Give us a call at 480-774-6809 (office) or 602-570-0414 to discuss your upgrade needs today!

Terms and conditions ( The Fine Print) relating to repair, upgrades, and restoration at SSC details our process for work completion, parts, and warranties, if applicable. Find the document here:  The Fine Print