Down to the Nitty-Gritty…

With only a few days left to the big reveal, the final touches on this Ford F100 have to go smoothly!

727e0c1cca5bef3ca6264765c62a0f00After sitting quietly in a field for some years, the truck was dropped off in April of 2014, deloused (there was definitely ‘something’ pretty big living in it!!!), then slowly and methodically 22024143214_f7b09bc8aa_otorn down and all the pieces labeled, sorted, and stored. This was to be a surprise birthday gift for Adrienne, and rumor has it that she was mad as heck when the truck mysteriously disappeared. She had learned to drive in that truck.

After many, many hours of media blasting, restoration, powder coating, painting, the truck slowly over this summer became a truck again, only now its new and improved! The old 223 6 cylinder had a cracked block, so a replacement 351 Windsor was installed, ‘three on the tree’ is now AOD, and the 410 rear axle is now a 355. An upgrade of Classic Auto Air Conditioning will help keep this a year round driver in Arizona. The upgraded power plant is looking sharp under the hood with it’s gold valve covers, the seat came in this week, and I absolutely love the blue and black plaid suede material. The colors just simply pop.

22935628442_fe38f3a909_oDave assigned me the task of label application, and I carefully applied FORD lettering in the hub caps and  applied the dedication to the glove box cover. Dad clear coated the glove box, but it looks like we accidentally skipped a generation, so we will make up a new dedication for the glove box that includes 4 generations of Acton’s that have driven this truck! I need to do some more research, but I believe this truck is an “Arizona Native”.  It looks like it is an Acton rite of passage to learn how to drive in this truck. The ‘Dave’s’ have been very busy with all the finish details over the past few weeks and I’m sure the dedication is going to be a big hit this week. We will post more pics after the big reveal!


Project album of photos of the Hardy 1965 Ford F100 restoration can be viewed here:


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