With the latest trend of on-line bidding, buying on-line, buying at auction, buying out of state, or even if you are just new to the hobby, there are many stories of post-purchase regret. The on-line and auction book pictures can paint a beautiful story of shiny chrome, and nice paint, but in person, the car… Read More

All things change. Even the ruins of the Route 66 ghosts. Wandering through what is left of a roadside attraction leaves an impression of where we have come from. Our collective American history. Someone’s American dream… The property is for sale now. Its future unknown, however I’m happy to have wandered away from the interstate,… Read More

I have some chunks of pavement saved from Route 66. I don’t even know why I picked them up. Perhaps wandering around the Arizona ruins of gas stations, trading posts, and the old zoo dug into my soul a little… This video about Route 66 dug a little more…… Read More

She said she misses her Dad as she nostalgically looks over at his beautiful red Corvette. She tells me of her fond memories, that it’s been in the family since 1974. He was always working on it, making it faster. Then she flashed back to share a story of how he ran a gasoline and… Read More

One of my favorite times of the year is Arizona Auction Week,  from January 11-19th and we have so many choices! Barrett-Jackson, Russo and Steele, Gooding & Co, Bonham, Leake and RM Sotheby’s all show up to auction off every collector car imaginable from Alpha Romeo to  Zaporozhet ZAZ 965. Sports cars, super cars, race… Read More

After watching a driver on my morning commute today weave abruptly through traffic, I was forced to think that his 2016 Toyota must not have them. Right? I thought they came free with the cars nowadays, but nah, let me guess where you are swerving next, only to catch up with you at the next… Read More

Superstition Specialty Cars is very proud to sponsor the 2019 Christmas Car Show at Streetside Classics Mesa to support TOYS FOR TOTS! On December 14th, 2019 from 9AM – 1PM bring your special ride with a toy donation for TOYS FOR TOTS and don’t forget to stop by the Superstition Specialty Cars booth to say… Read More

Our team has many talents when it comes to building, upgrading, and restoration, but we also perform all of the basics to keep your classic running smooth! Call Superstition Specialty Cars at (480) 774-6809 for all of your classic car repair needs. Some of the many services that Superstition Specialty Cars provides includes: 150 +/-… Read More

     According to Hot Rod Network, 70 years of Hot Rod Magazine was kicked off by the Hot Rod Exposition in LA in 1948, marking the first event celebrating the market potential of hot rodding as an industry. The impact of popular culture on 1950’s Hot Rod Culture is still observed today. The ramp up of… Read More