Why should you consider a classic car inspection?

With the latest trend of on-line bidding, buying on-line, buying at auction, buying out of state, or even if you are just new to the hobby, there are many stories of post-purchase regret. The on-line and auction book pictures can paint a beautiful story of shiny chrome, and nice paint, but in person, the car is much less than the pictures. Even if you are not in the highly collectible range and want a daily driver, a thorough inspection can save you a ton of headaches and money in the middle of a purchase.   

Truth is, all 60 year old cars have issues, even if they just came off the rotisserie from a complete restoration. Deciphering whether a problem is an easy fix, or requires a major overhaul can make the difference in your purchase. Knowing if a car presents as all original, or if various upgrades and customization can also figure in your negotiation. A complete inspection with consultation by a third party will help in your assessment on whether to negotiate down the price of the fix, or to move onto the next candidate. 

A complete report by a qualified technician that takes the time to consult with you is a crucial step, and money well spent to insure you are looking at the right car for you. It is always better to know than to guess! A sample of the inspection services that Superstition Specialty Cars provides and be found at this link: https://superstitionspecialtycars.com/welcome/inspection-services/

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