Twenty Years Now, Where’d they go?

“Twenty years, I don’t know. I sit and I wonder sometimes… Where they’ve gone” -Bob Seger

Dave called me at work, a little nervous, but I could tell he was smiling. “I cut the back of the Suburban off…” That was twenty years ago in a small garage in HOA-ville East Mesa, but that was his first restoration after settling in Arizona. This was the family truckster that dragged a camper across the country with our then toddlers for a six week road trip of a lifetime.

After Dave put all the pieces together again, the 1988 Suburban was way better than before. The bubbles of New England carefully removed from around the side windows and fenders. He did away with the old school two tone look, running with a clean no molding look. Dave got rid of the old rusted side steps and added a sleeker looking matched step. With new gray carpeting, custom bow tie seat covers and floor mats the interior was completely refreshed. The exterior refinished to a blazing GM Victory Red, the customization was complete.

I can’t believe that was twenty years now. Although Dave was already well-versed in repair, fabrication, and restoration, this project served as the catalyst for opening Superstition Specialty Cars. Happy 20th Anniversary SSC!

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