Supercoupe Shootout

Since 1988 this vehicle has spent time in the garage, next to the garage, back in the garage, then on a trailer for a 2600 mile trek to Dad’s retirement home in Arizona, and then, back in the garage. Well, I’m happy to say number 0198 is out of the garage and cruising the mean streets of the East Valley racking up some ‘break-in’ miles. It wasn’t an easy restoration (tell me that exists), finding parts that worked was one of many challenges, but he stuck to his guns and now has a great ride.

The Cosworth Vega has it’s own great story with a series of Chevrolet’s firsts, such as the electronic fuel injection, stainless exhaust headers, sixteen-valve twin-cam engine, but Dad always liked GM’s ‘special interest’ cars. He bought it from a friend, and I remember teasing him a little about it ‘just being a Vega’. Driving it though? This Vega handles well and is pretty zippy! I am looking forward to Dad being able to share is accomplishment with the CVOA (Cosworth Vega Owners Association) when they host their annual roundup in the fall of 2022. Until then, looks like we have some cruise ins to visit!

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