Apache Dreams

Originally part of the GM Task Master series trucks the 1959 Chevrolet Apache offered maximum-economy options along with optional heater, ‘hydrovac’ power brake, or windshield washer. The laundry list for Monte’s 59 included all sorts of new options to take his 350 powered Apache to the next level.

Starting with an A/C system repair (fan module), motor and transmission mounts, a new 20-gallon fuel system, and oak plank bed, the team replaced door hinges, latches, window regulators, restoring all the windows and doors to better than new.

From GM’s original ‘Task Force 59’ brochure

To restyle the ride, the team had Matte Paint protection film applied to front and rear bumpers, bed rails, bed strips. Completing the look with chrome delete blacked out windshield molding and rear trim, powder coat satin black emblems, headlight bezels, parking lamp bezels, chrome grill and repair pits in hood emblem really creates a sinister ride.

Not sure about all that maximum economy that GM designed into this truck, but damn does it look sweet and better than ever!

Monte’s 1959 Chevrolet Apache. Road-ready and restyled.
New oak plank bed over a new fuel system
Restyled front end.

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