12/8/13 Iron Man Sat Here…

I am pretty sure this is the stuff that reality tv car shows for cable are made of.

It starts with a Craigslist post, and a big dose ‘unobtainium’. Yeah, I know, huh? Craigslist! The dosage is a one of a kind aluminum Cobra Roadster that had a starring role in Tony Stark’s garage for the first Iron Man feature film. Right next to the 32 Ford and the Saleen, the 1965 427 roadster sat quietly until Tony tried to fly his new suit.

This beautiful Blue car was one of two made for this production, and this is the one that Iron Man squashed on the first take. Last week, the car was resting quietly in a west valley garage,  the chassis hammered up, pieces and parts removed, and the last auction winner in over his head. Today its new temporary home is at Superstition Specialty Cars and Dave’s to do list is lengthy. 

I asked my dad if he had any experience with aluminum bodies and he giggled, and started rambling off a list which included an AC Bristol. I figure with Dave’s lengthy Cobra replica experience which included a ground up build from a buck template, and dad’s gazillion years in collision and restoration, these two have this one down. I am looking forward to seeing Brent’s Iron Man 427 roadster project come roaring to life.

Update December 2014: It looks like Brent decided to sell it as the crushed Iron Man car at Barrett Jackson this winter! We are looking forward to seeing some great auction action with this car! Stay tuned in January! 

Update January 14, 2015! First crushed car to roll over the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction block backwards. ‪#‎ironmansathere‬

Dee Santoro's photo.
Dee Santoro's photo.
Dee Santoro's photo.

Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage snagged Brett’s Iron Man Cobra! Maybe it will wind up on TV?!

'Showing Aaron the Iron Man Shelby I bought yesterday. He already has a few ideas up his sleeve... #GasMonkey #IronMan #BarrettJackson #GYSOT'

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