This car came with the name – Brutus. With a 350 V-8 Turbo-Fire Hydra-matic, it was a fun cruiser for the mean streets of Tewksbury back in 1985. One of my first memories driving this 71 Monte Carlo was cruising down Chandler Street on a beautiful New England summer day. Windows down, tunes cranked, I… Read More

I am pretty sure this is the stuff that reality tv car shows for cable are made of. It starts with a Craigslist post, and a big dose ‘unobtainium’. Yeah, I know, huh? Craigslist! The dosage is a one of a kind aluminum Cobra Roadster that had a starring role in Tony Stark’s garage for… Read More

It was years in the making. Lots of work, sweat, tears, cursing, you name it. What started as some minor body work turned into a complete resto-mod project; a piece of art. He was finally able to showcase the car. At the finish line, Dave wanted a nice photo shoot of the car, and in… Read More