4/30/2013 The Best Day Ever.

It was years in the making. Lots of work, sweat, tears, cursing, you name it. What started as some minor body work turned into a complete resto-mod project; a piece of art. He was finally able to showcase the car.

At the finish line, Dave wanted a nice photo shoot of the car, and in doing so, he ended up having the best day ever! He was floating for days after the photo shoot. Not only was he able to get John’s finished 1957 Chevy BelAir, Timmy Chu studios photographer Tim Williams, a pretty pin-up girl Shea, and an old plane down at Stellar Airpark, he got a private tour of the elusive Pratt Collection.

Dave spent days telling anyone within earshot about all of the vehicles that he saw in the Pratt Collection that he had been obsessing about for years as they were bought up over at Barret Jackson. I mean, how many folks record the auto auction shows?

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