All Business!

Tim likes cars. I like Tim’s cars. I like it even more when Tim’s cars are in our shop! This go around is a 1937 Chevy Business Coupe in dark sage with a Damn Good Motor in it. The Engine was built by Guy Henson owner of Damn Good Motors in Minnesota, and this pretty coupe has a 1952 302 out of a military tank, bored to 327 with a centrifugal super charger and custom fuel injection (can you spell torque?). Dave calls Guy a mad machinist! This Coupe also hosts a T56 magnum transmission and Fatman Fabrication chassis. Dad is smoothing out some body work, and Dave is working to complete the wiring and component install, and a custom interior installation is on tap for this 37 Coupe that means All Business! Follow our progression album here:

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