2015 An Arizona Native

Frame-off Superstition Specialty Cars resto-mod for this 1965 Ford F100 for Arizona Native and Orioles Shortstop J.J. Hardy! His wife Adrianne didn’t know it, but it would be a very fine birthday for her! Complete with an engine and transmission upgrade and lots of personal custom touches. Ski and the boys ripped it down, Dave’s eye for design and detail, David’s expert project lead and fabrication skills, and Al’s mean body skills make for a delicious truck rebuild for the team.

Click her22864433047_2aeae30c60_oe https://www.flickr.com/gp/s9santoro/N661v8 for the photo album progression!

For me, this resto-mod project was special because of the family history of the truck. It is so cool that multiple generations learned to drive this old farm truck around Arizona, and even cooler that it is now better than new for the next generation!

JJ and Adrianne Hardy’s 65 F100

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