Brutus Flashback

This car came with the name – Brutus. With a 350 V-8 Turbo-Fire Hydra-matic, it was a fun cruiser for the mean streets of Tewksbury back in 1985. One of my first memories driving this 71 Monte Carlo was cruising down Chandler Street on a beautiful New England summer day. Windows down, tunes cranked, I had The Firm on cassette playing Radioactive. I’m sure I was doing 40+ in a 30 grinning as the exhaust rumbled away. There’s the siren, nice. Nobody liked being pulled over by the notorious Officer Stevens. My heart skipping, and the sweat starting, he slowly inspected the paperwork, then the vehicle, then the paperwork again. He handed the papers back and sternly leaned in. “Have Dad remove the glass packs from the mufflers, and you slow down.” I exhaled as he turned and walked away. A warning?! I happily took my souvenir from Officer Stevens and headed home.

71 Monte Carlo Brutus

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